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Oniricum was born in 2015 from the synergy of four professionals who have been working in the medical sector for more than 20 years. Knowing the vices and virtues of the health care market made it possible to design a marketing, integrated communications and digital services agency that specializes in guiding and supporting the activities of professionals and companies in the complex world of health care.

With the consolidation of a united and competitive team, Oniricum today offers more than 60 services dedicated to hospital companies, physicians, outpatient clinics, clinics, diagnostic centers, and all those entities operating in aesthetic medicine.

Every success story starts with a solid strategy: ambition is transformed into goals, the ideal into a coordinated image, the medium into quality content. Coordinated and directed actions with expertise, experience and passion guarantee ROI and concrete, measurable results.

We know how to speak the language of digital like no other.
We build consistent strategies across cross-media platforms, harnessing their enormous potential: from social networks to websites to search engine optimization, every action is designed to maximize results and achieve concrete conversions.

Online, with a solid understanding of the limitations and regulations that govern the healthcare market.
Offline, with a unique and recognizable style, in an extremely competitive environment and with an audience that is increasingly demanding and difficult to seduce.

This is why a brand image is our real mission: to build the identity of a business and make it solid and consistent with the tools and expectations of the target market.

Our home is Rome, but we like to walk.
To reach our clients, scattered all over Italy.
To take a few steps outside the comfort zone.
To dare. To explore. To grow.
To dream big.

Dream Big, Marketing Bigger

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