Social networks are a communication reality that all companies and professionals now use to communicate with their customers and find new ones.

Social Media are not all the same: they have different characteristics and uses and appeal to a variety of audiences. It is not mandatory to be present on all social media, and there is no math formula that ensures the desired results. That is why a research and analysis phase is more than fundamental, in order to estabilish what kind of communication will work with the target audience and how to convey the right message.
Social networks are incredibly useful for companies and professionals to get the attention of their customers and find new ones.

However, social networks are not all the same: each one has different characteristics and uses and they target heterogeneous audiences.

The ultimate goal is to create social media content that helps audiences discover how your brand differs from other professionals or facilities, communicating your added value so that it is relevant to your target audience.

Through strategic planning, campaign & community management, purpose-built editorial plans, graphic content, video content and photo content, we reinforce brand awareness by fostering effective positioning. A successful strategy in social media marketing will get a specific audience to talk about a specific professional or business, to recommend its services to their circle of acquaintances.

Oniricum has been successfully working for years with healthcare professionals and facilities and their social networks to boost their clients’ loyalty: digital communication then turns into real connection.