Eventsfairscongressesexpos: all of them are key chances for companies and professionals to update and improve their network. Regardless of the event, it is imperative to leave a strong mark of one’s presence.

Exhibition and convention booths, roll ups, advertising banners and displays, must necessarily express the personality of the company they represent. Oniricum designs and creates booths, displays, pavilions, signage and promotional print material in accordance with the client’s brand identity.

Every corporate event or work environment requires customization that shows a strong brand vision. Even the interiors of a clinic, an outpatient clinic, a doctor’s office, or a hospital business require layouts and consistency in the choice of interior furnishings, pointing out all the fundamental details that will help create an experience for the user attending a place of interest.

Oniricum offers an all-inclusive complex of custom services:

  • art direction
  • booth and pavilion design and planning
  • trade fair set-ups
  • set up of photographic sets and video sets
  • set design and staging
  • design and creation of promotional printing materials
  • graphic design for roll-ups, advertising banners, billboards and displays
  • interior decoration